LAURIER, The Right Hon. Sir Wilfrid, P.C., G.C.M.G., K.C., B.C.L., D.C.L., LL.D., Litt.D.
Picture of LAURIER, The Right Hon. Sir Wilfrid, P.C., G.C.M.G., K.C., B.C.L., D.C.L., LL.D., Litt.D.
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Source: Library and Archives Canada, C-001971
Date of Birth ( 1841.11.20
Place of Birth: Saint-Lin, Canada East
Deceased Date ( 1919.02.17 (77 years old)
Profession | Occupation: Lawyer
Party Leader:
Federal Political Experience
Years of Service: 16392 Days (44 years, 10 months, 17 days)
^ House of Commons
ConstituencyPolitical Affiliation at ElectionDate of Election (
Quebec East, Quebec Died in office. Laurier Liberal 1917.12.17 Elected
Ottawa (City of), Ontario Laurier Liberal 1917.12.17 Defeated
Quebec East, Quebec Elected for Québec East and for Soulanges. Sat for both ridings. Liberal 1911.09.21 Elected
Soulanges, Quebec Liberal 1911.09.21 Elected
Ottawa (City of), Ontario Resignation. Elected for Québec East and for Ottawa. Chose to sit for Québec East. Liberal 1908.10.26 Elected
Quebec East, Quebec Liberal 1908.10.26 Elected
Quebec East, Quebec Liberal 1904.11.03 Elected
Wright, Quebec Resignation. Elected for Québec East and for Wright. Chose to sit for Québec East. Liberal 1904.11.03 Elected
Quebec East, Quebec Liberal 1900.11.07 Elected
Quebec East, Quebec Liberal 1896.07.30
Saskatchewan (Provisional District), Northwest Territories Resignation. Becomes Prime Minister. Re-elected in July 30, 1896 by-election for Québec East. Liberal 1896.06.23 Elected
Quebec East, Quebec Resignation. Becomes Prime Minister. Re-elected in July 30, 1896 by-election for Québec East. Liberal 1896.06.23 Elected
Quebec East, Quebec Liberal 1891.03.05 Elected
Richmond--Wolfe, Quebec Liberal 1891.03.05 Defeated
Quebec East, Quebec Liberal 1887.02.22 Elected
Quebec East, Quebec Liberal 1882.06.20 Elected
Quebec East, Quebec Liberal 1878.09.17 Elected
Quebec East, Quebec Liberal 1877.11.28
Drummond--Arthabaska, Quebec Liberal 1877.10.27
Drummond--Arthabaska, Quebec Resignation. Appointed Minister of Inland Revenue. Liberal 1874.01.22 Elected

^ Parliamentary Group
PartyTerm (
Laurier Liberal 1917.12.17 - 1919.02.17
Liberal 1896.07.11 - 1917.12.17
Liberal 1891.03.05 - 1896.07.10
Liberal 1877.10.08 - 1891.03.04
Liberal 1874.01.22 - 1877.10.07

^ Offices and Roles as a Parliamentarian
Prime Minister of Canada

PortfolioTerm (
Prime Minister 1896.07.11 - 1911.10.06


PortfolioTerm (
Minister of Marine and Fisheries (acting) 1906.01.06 - 1906.02.05
Minister of the Interior (acting) 1905.03.13 - 1905.04.07
Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs (acting) 1905.03.13 - 1905.04.07
President of the Privy Council 1896.07.11 - 1911.10.06
Minister of Inland Revenue 1877.10.08 - 1878.10.08

Leader of the Official Opposition

PortfolioTerm (
Leader of the Official Opposition 1911.10.10 - 1919.02.17
Leader of the Official Opposition 1887.06.23 - 1896.07.10

^ Committees - House of Commons
Chair Show Details

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^ Committees - Joint
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^ Political Party Roles
Liberal Party of Canada

RoleTerm (
Party Leader 1887.06.23 - 1919.02.17
Provincial / Territorial Political Experience
^ Provincial / Territorial Political Affiliation
Political AffiliationProvince / TerritoryTerm (
Liberal Party Quebec 1871.07.01 - 1874.01.19
^ Provincial / Territorial Constituency
ConstituenciesProvince / TerritoryTerm (
Drummond-Arthabaska Quebec 1871.07.01 - 1874.01.19
^ Provincial / Territorial Assembly
AssemblyProvince / TerritoryTerm (
Legislative Assembly Quebec 1871.07 - 1874.01.19
Military Service

Military OrganizationFunctionTerm (
Fenian Raids,1866-1871 Awarded the Canada General Service Medal, Fenian Raid, 1870. Lieutenant 1870 - 1871
Arthabaskaville Infantry Ensign 1869 - 1878
Family Ties in Parliament
RelativeNameDate of BirthDate of Death
Half-brother Laurier, Romuald-Charlemagne
1852.01.07 1906.12.28
Selected Publications This bibliography includes books, chapters in books and journal articles written, edited, compiled or translated solely by the parliamentarian or with others.

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^ Sole Author Books

  • Chère Émilie : une correspondance de Sir Wilfrid Laurier .
    Montréal : Méridien; 1991. 156 p.

  • Dearest Émilie: the love-letters of Sir Wilfrid Laurier to Madame Lavergne.
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  • Lecture on political liberalism: on the 26th June, 1877, in the Music Hall, Quebec, under the auspices of 'Le Club Canadien'.
    Québec : Printed at the "Morning Chronicle" office; 1877. vii, 44 p.

  • Le libéralisme politique : conférence prononcé à Québec, le 26 juin 1877 .
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  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier : lettres à mon père et à ma mère, 1867-1919 .
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  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier: letters to my father and mother. Selected and edited by Lucien Pacaud.
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  • Wilfrid Laurier à la tribune, 1871-1890 : recueil des principaux discours prononcés au parlement ou devant le peuple par l'Honorable W. Laurier ... député de Québec-Est au communes, depuis son entrée dans la politique active en 1871 / compilé par Ulric Barthes.
    Québec : Des presses à vapeur Turcotte & Menard; 1890. xxxii, 617, x p.

  • Wilfrid Laurier on the platform, 1871-1890: collection of the principal speeches made in Parliament or before the people.
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Chapters in Books

  • A call to arms.
    In: The 1911 general election: a study in Canadian politics. Stevens, Paul (ed.). Toronto : Copp Clark Pub; [1970]. p. 169-170.

  • The Challenge is accepted.
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  • Le libéralisme politique .
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^ Multiple Editors / Compilers / Translators Books

  • The Canadian parliamentary guide, 1916 / published by the seers of the Parliamentary Press Gallery, based on faith, hope, and charity ; joint editors, Borden and Laurier.
    [Ottawa] : Menace Print.; [1916]. 23 p.

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Additional information ^ Biographical information
Marriage (1868.05.13 - 1919.02.17)
  • Lafontaine, Zoé
    Birth: 1842 (Montreal, Quebec) Death: 1921.11.01
    Lady Laurier.
    One of the Vice-Presidents of National Council of Women at foundation.
Cause of Death: stroke
Place of Burial: Notre-Dame Cemetery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
^ Heritage Information
Plaques, Statues, etc.:
  • Ottawa, Ontario
    Parliament Hill
  • Ottawa, Ontario
    Near the entrance to Notre Dame Cemetery
  • Ville des Laurentides, Quebec
  • Places, Buildings, etc.
    Named After Prime Minister:
  • Laurierville, County of Megantic, Quebec.
  • Laurier. A canton (township) in Portneuf County, Quebec.
  • Laurier. A canton (township) in Laviolette County, Quebec.
  • Laurier. Village North West of McCreary, Manitoba. Original name FOSBERY changed to Laurier to mark the election of the first French Canadian PM.
  • Laurier. Municipal district east of Saddle Lake, Alberta. Named in 1914.
  • Laurier Pass. East of Finlay Reach, Williston Lake, British Columbia. Named after the PM of Canada by Inspector J.D. Moodie of the North West Mounted Police, who had discovered the Pass in 1897.
  • Mount Laurier. Immediately south of Laurier Pass, British Columbia.
  • Laurier. Geographic township in Parry Sound District, Ontario, North East of Sundridge Village.
  • Laurier. Township in Parry Sound District, Ontario. Established in 1878.
  • The Chateau Laurier in Ottawa, Ontario. Luxury hotel opened in 1912, along with the Union Station, across Rideau Street.
  • Laurier Street in Sandy Hill, Ottawa, Ontario. Was first called Theodore Street
  • Historic Sites:
  • Saint-Lin-des-Laurentides, comté de l'Assomption, Quebec
  • Arthabaska, Quebec
    (16 Laurier-Ouest)
  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier National Historic Site,
    250, 12th Avenue,
    Ville des Laurentides, Quebec
    (formerly Saint-Lin)
  • Laurier House National Historic Site,
    350 Laurier Ave.East,
    Ottawa, Ontario
  • Additional Information
    on Historic Sites:

    56 km north of Montreal, Quebec

    Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Canada's seventh prime minister and leader of the Liberal Party for 32 years, spent his childhood in the village of St. Lin north of Montreal, now called Ville-des-Laurentides. This small brick veneer building with a sloping roof and a front verandah belonged to his father, and was one of Laurier's first homes. Now a national historic site, the house has been restored to the early 1850s period.

    LAURIER HOUSE, 335 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa, Ontario

    Named by Prime Minister Mackenzie King and bequeathed by him to the nation with contents on his death in 1950. The house was formally opened as a public museum in 1951.

    Built by John Leslie, a jeweller, in 1878, it was bought in 1897 by Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier, who added the verandah. After his death in 1919, Lady Laurier lived on in the house until she died in 1921. She willed it to King.

    The museum contains the Laurier Room, the famous study of King, drawing room, dining room and bedrooms, all with period furnishings and filled with historical memorabilia. A study displaying memorabilia treasured by Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson was opened in 1974.

    Other Information: First Among Equals -- The Prime Minister in Canadian Life and Politics
    (Library and Archives Canada)
    Details of Interest
  • First PM of French ancestry
  • Longest unbroken tenure as PM
  • KCMG 1897
  • Died while still a Member

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