TURNER, The Right Hon. John Napier, P.C., C.C., Q.C., M.A., LL.D.
Picture of TURNER, The Right Hon. John Napier, P.C., C.C., Q.C., M.A., LL.D.

Source: Library and Archives Canada, Courtesy of Al Gilbert, photographer.
Date of Birth ( 1929.06.07
Place of Birth: Richmond, Surrey, England
Profession | Occupation: Lawyer
Party Leader:
Federal Political Experience
Years of Service: 8326 Days (22 years, 9 months, 17 days)
^ House of Commons
ConstituencyPolitical Affiliation at ElectionDate of Election (
Vancouver Quadra, British Columbia Liberal 1988.11.21 Elected
Vancouver Quadra, British Columbia Liberal 1984.09.04 Elected
Ottawa--Carleton, Ontario Resignation. Resumes his law practice. Liberal 1974.07.08 Elected
Ottawa--Carleton, Ontario Liberal 1972.10.30 Elected
Ottawa--Carleton, Ontario Liberal 1968.06.25 Elected
St. Lawrence--St. George, Quebec Liberal 1965.11.08 Elected
St. Lawrence--St. George, Quebec Liberal 1963.04.08 Elected
St. Lawrence--St. George, Quebec Liberal 1962.06.18 Elected

^ Parliamentary Group
PartyTerm (
Liberal 1962.06.18 -

^ Offices and Roles as a Parliamentarian
Prime Minister of Canada

PortfolioTerm (
Prime Minister 1984.06.30 - 1984.09.16


PortfolioTerm (
Minister of Finance Démission. Wants to return to private life. 1972.01.28 - 1975.09.09
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada 1968.07.06 - 1972.01.27
Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs 1968.04.20 - 1968.07.05
Solicitor General of Canada 1968.04.20 - 1968.07.05
Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs 1967.12.21 - 1968.04.19
Registrar General of Canada 1967.04.04 - 1967.12.20
Minister Without Portfolio 1965.12.18 - 1967.04.03

Leader of the Official Opposition

PortfolioTerm (
Leader of the Official Opposition 1984.09.17 - 1990.02.07

Parliamentary Secretary

PortfolioTerm (
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Northern Affairs and National Resources 1963.05.14 - 1965.09.08


Area of ResponsibilityTerm (
Finance 1989.03 - 1990
External Affairs 1987.06.03 - 1988.01

^ Committees - House of Commons
Member Show Details

^ Political Party Roles
Liberal Party of Canada

RoleTerm (
Leadership Candidate 1984.06.16 - 1984.06.16
Party Leader 1984.06.16 - 1990.06.22
Leadership Candidate 1968.04.06 - 1968.04.06
Family Ties in Parliament
RelativeNameDate of BirthDate of Death
Brother-in-law Kilgour, David
Selected Publications This bibliography includes books, chapters in books and journal articles written, edited, compiled or translated solely by the parliamentarian or with others.

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^ Sole Author Books

  • Criminal justice: a new perspective.
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  • Twin freedoms: the right to privacy and the right to know.
    Ottawa : National Liberal Federation; 1969. 15 leaves.

Chapters in Books

  • Faith and politics.
    In: The hidden Pierre Elliott Trudeau: the faith behind the politics / edited by Richard Gwyn, John English, P. Whitney Lackenbauer. Ottawa : Novalis; 2004 . p. 111-16.

  • Foreword.
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  • Foreword.
    In: From prison to Parliament / by Frank Howard. Victoria, B.C. : Trafford; 2003. p. xi-xii

  • The Senate of Canada - political conundrum.
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  • Twin freedoms: the right to privacy and the right to know.
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  • Ah wilderness: white water rafting in the high Arctic.
    Toronto Life. pp. 42-3ff Aug. 1981.

  • The need for international harmony in accounting standards.
    CA Magazine. 116:40-4 Jan. 1983.

  • There is more to life than trade: an analysis of the U.S./Canada Trade Agreement, 1988.
    California Management Review. 33:109-19 Winter 1991.

  • Turner on John Turner.
    Maclean's. 97:19-20 Mar. 26, 1984.

^ Multiple Authors Oral History Project

  • Interview of the Hon. John Turner conducted June 1, 1977 / by Peter Stursberg.
    Ottawa : Library of Parliament; 1977. 50 leaves

^ Other Related Bibliographical Sources

  • John N. Turner: bibliography = John N. Turner : bibliographie. MacDonald, Ian and B. Campbell (comps)
    Ottawa : [Library of Parliament, Information and Documentation Branch = Bibliothèque du Parlement, Direction de l'information et de la documentation]; 1986. 11 p.

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Additional information ^ Biographical information
Marriage (1963.05.11)
  • Kilgour, Geills McCrae
    Birth: 1937.12.23 (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

  • Turner, Elizabeth
    Birth: 1964.03.08

  • Turner, Michael
    Birth: 1965.10.28

  • Turner, David James
    Birth: 1968.05.14

  • Turner, Andrew
    Birth: 1971.10.07

^ Heritage Information
Other Information: First Among Equals -- The Prime Minister in Canadian Life and Politics
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