Interventions in the House of Commons
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2016-12-15 16:33 [p.8107]
I wish to inform the House that pursuant to Standing Order 28(4) I have recalled the House this day for the sole purpose of granting royal assent to certain bills.
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2016-12-15 16:34 [p.8107]
Order, please. I have the honour to inform the House that a communication has been received as follows:
Government House
December 15th, 2016
Mr. Speaker,
I have the honour to inform you that the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, will proceed to the Senate Chamber today, the 15th day of December, 2016, at 4:30 p.m. for the purpose of giving Royal Assent to certain bills of law.
Yours sincerely,
Stephen Wallace
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2016-12-15 16:34 [p.8107]
I have the honour to inform the House that a message has been received from the Senate informing this House that the Senate has passed the following bill: Bill C-26, An Act to amend the Canada Pension Plan, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Act and the Income Tax Act, without amendment.
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2016-12-15 16:57 [p.8107]
I have the honour to inform the House that when the House did attend His Excellency the Governor General in the Senate chamber, His Excellency was pleased to give, in Her Majesty's name, the royal assent to the following bills:
C-2, An Act to amend the Income Tax Act—Chapter 11, 2016.
C-26, An Act to amend the Canada Pension Plan, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Act and the Income Tax Act—Chapter 14, 2016.
C-29, A second Act to implement certain provisions of the budget tabled in Parliament on March 22, 2016 and other measures—Chapter 12, 2016.
C-35, An Act for granting to Her Majesty certain sums of money for the federal public administration for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017—Chapter 10, 2016.
S-4, An Act to implement a Convention and an Arrangement for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income and to amend an Act in respect of a similar Agreement—Chapter 13, 2016.
It being 4:53 p.m., the House stands adjourned until Monday, January 30, 2017 at 11 a.m., pursuant to Standing Orders 28(2) and 24(1).
(The House adjourned at 4:57 p.m.)
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Lib. (NS)
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2016-12-14 14:02 [p.8075]
It being Wednesday, we will now have the singing of the national anthem led by the hon. member for Nanaimo—Ladysmith.
[Members sang the national anthem]
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2016-12-14 14:04 [p.8075]
Mr. Speaker, so far this session, the federal government has made it clear that a step forward for Canada means a step backward for Quebec.
Exhibit A: Muskrat Falls. The government gave Newfoundland and Labrador a loan guarantee so that it can engage in unfair competition in the sale of hydroelectricity to the Americans.
Exhibit B: peanuts for Quebec cheese producers as so-called compensation for what they will lose when 17,700 tonnes of European cheese hits the Canadian market.
Exhibit C: Bill C-29 and the Liberal vote to undermine Quebec's consumer protection law.
Exhibit D: the government's refusal to support Bombardier.
In Ottawa, Quebec takes a back seat, but luckily, we are here. The Bloc will continue to speak out against government measures that are bad for Quebec. This government deserves coal in its stocking this Christmas.
All the same, my colleagues and I wish all Quebeckers and our parliamentary colleagues a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
I suggest they brace themselves, because when we come back, we are not going to go easy on them.
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Lib. (QC)
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2016-12-14 14:05 [p.8075]
Mr. Speaker, it is with great pleasure that I rise today to speak about the incredible Christmas spirit that can be found in my riding.
Where do I begin: with the Santa Claus parade in Saint-Rémi, old fashioned concerts and festivities in Mercier, Châteauguay, and Saint-Isidore, or the numerous activities in Sainte-Clotilde, Napierville, and Léry, as well as every other town and village in my region.
I would also like to remind my colleagues and constituents that many toy and food drives are going on during this season of sharing.
I invite the people of Châteauguay—Lacolle to support organizations active in this area, such as Actions familles in Sainte-Martine, the Comité d'entraide de Saint-Jacques-le-Mineur, Sourire sans faim in Saint-Rémi, and the Châteauguay food bank and Rencontre châteaugoise, partners of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society.
This is the true spirit of Christmas.
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2016-12-14 14:06 [p.8075]
Mr. Speaker, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but for many people in Edmonton Griesbach, it is not going to be very jolly.
It is the same throughout Alberta, many folks are left out in the cold. Unemployment is almost 10%. People are bracing for a job-killing carbon tax, and EI benefits are running out. The Liberals are being Grinches. Despite their out-of-control spending, they failed to create one single net new full-time job. Their ultra-green agenda has Albertans seeing red.
My constituents deserve a government that keeps its word and bolsters the economy. I will continue to stand up for those who want jobs, not welfare; who want pipelines, not pipe dreams; who want action, not broken promises. They deserve more than a Liberal lump of coal.
That said, I wish my constituents and all members of this House a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year.
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Lib. (AB)
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2016-12-14 14:07 [p.8076]
Mr. Speaker, our government has approved the Trans Mountain and Line 3 pipeline projects. These projects will generate significant economic benefits, including $4.5 billion in government revenues, money that can be reinvested in our health care, education, environment, and a clean energy future. The Trans Mountain and Line 3 projects will create more than 22,000 direct jobs.
We may come from different political parties with different perspectives, but I am asking my Alberta Conservative colleagues to stop acting skeptical about getting these pipelines built. Our goal of bringing prosperity back to Alberta is the same. Their current attitude is hurting investment into our province and slowing recovery of jobs to Albertans.
My Alberta Liberal caucus colleagues and I offer to work with members across the way to ensure the pipelines are built, the Alberta economy grows, and the environment is protected.
I wish everybody a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
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View Peter Julian Profile
2016-12-14 14:08 [p.8076]
Mr. Speaker, British Columbians remember 2015 well. They remember the promises that the Prime Minister and Liberal candidates made, that Kinder Morgan would not be approved using Stephen Harper's methods and the pipeline would not be forced on B.C. without community support and the consent of first nations.
Now in 2016, the Prime Minister has betrayed British Columbians by breaking all of these promises. The Liberal Kinder Morgan pipeline makes a mockery of the government's pretension to combat climate change. It even destroys some value-added jobs in B.C.
I worked in an oil refinery, and I have been ankle-deep in oil. I have a healthy respect for a substance that has to be treated with extreme caution at all times. Just one error by somebody in an important role could wipe out tourism for years in the Lower Mainland and the coast, and wipe out our coastal fisheries for a generation.
New Democrats have been clear: we will stand up against this betrayal of British Columbians, we will stand with first nations, we will stand up for our coast, and we stand against the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline.
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Lib. (ON)
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2016-12-14 14:09 [p.8076]
Mr. Speaker, I would like to congratulate the Brar family on launching the biographical book on S. Thaman Singh.
He was a wounded British Punjabi veteran of World War I, who after the war, joined the non-violent fight for India's independence from British imperialism. He led many peaceful protests in Bombay and marched alongside Mahatma Gandhi during the famous salt march of India. His turban distinguished him as a Sikh, leading the protests. Sadly, the freedoms that he fought for were never realized during his lifetime. In 1975, his wife and family immigrated to Canada, in a land that echoed the values and freedoms he so desperately desired for his country of birth.
His family is shaped by his integrity, his values, his courage, and his conviction. They add to the plethora of resilient and dynamic immigrants who enrich the fabric of Canada, a country that continues to embrace diversity.
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View Todd Doherty Profile
2016-12-14 14:10 [p.8076]
Mr. Speaker, I have to say, 2016 was one for the books. It is hard to believe that the holidays are once again upon us and another chapter is closed.
Whether it was attending the 90th anniversary of the Williams Lake Stampede, doing the 22-push-up challenge with Shaolin monks on the streets of historic gold rush town of Barkerville, walking a full 24 hours in the Prince George Relay for Life for Cancer, or being present to witness new Canadians taking the sacred oath of citizenship, this year has been a roller coaster of emotion.
I am so proud to be the member of Parliament for Cariboo—Prince George to serve and represent the incredible families of my riding.
As we begin to unwind with our family, friends, and loved ones over the coming weeks, and recharge and reflect on the year that has just passed, I want to take this moment on behalf of my family, Kelly, Kassi, Kaitlyn, Jordan, and Josh, to wish all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Merry Christmas and happy new year.
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Lib. (BC)
Mr. Speaker, this weekend in Sechelt, on the traditional territory of the Shishálh people, the Sechelt arts council, the mayor, and the school district principal for aboriginal programs announced their plans for their Canada 150 celebration, “s-yìyaya: Our Families. Our Stories.”
Shishálh elders, non-indigenous early settlers, and young people are embarking on a year of storytelling with the support of professional artists. The Shishálh have a proud oral tradition. Post-contact settlers have proud stories too. Capturing these is a way for young people to learn and to lead in the community and in the country through truth and reconciliation.
Indigenous and non-indigenous, we have a shared history, both light and dark. s-yìyaya, family, we are one.
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Lib. (NB)
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2016-12-14 14:12 [p.8077]
Mr. Speaker, it is the number one city in North America for business cost and one of Canada's best cities for export. It is Atlantic Canada's most entrepreneurial city and home to Canada's most entrepreneurial university. It is Canada's first free wireless city and twice named one of the world's most intelligent communities.
It ranks eighth in the world for clean air, fourth in Canada for raising a family, and third as the best place to retire.
It is home to a skilled and bilingual workforce and one of the top destinations in the country for millennials looking to carve themselves a future. With more businesses per capita than elsewhere in the country, is it any wonder that Fredericton was recently named Startup Canada's 2016 Startup Community of the Year?
I congratulate Task Force Fredericton Startup Network, municipal leadership, and community members across the region who are driving this nation-leading culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in Freddy Beach.
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View Earl Dreeshen Profile
2016-12-14 14:13 [p.8077]
Mr. Speaker, Christmas is a time of giving and today I am honoured to pay tribute to two of Red Deer—Mountain View's most generous givers, Jack and Joan Donald. The Donalds are very successful entrepreneurs and are the driving force behind Parkland Fuel Corporation. Just as they have been significant contributors to our local economy, they have also given back to our community for decades. Jack and Joan have led fundraising campaigns for STARS, Red Deer College, the Westerner, the hospice in Red Deer, and most recently, their $3-million gift to RDC is the largest the college has ever received. This generous gift will go toward critical infrastructure in the construction of the Donald Health & Wellness Centre, a wing of the Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre.
The Donalds' leadership, philanthropy, and tireless volunteerism is a legacy that will have an enormous impact for generations to come. On behalf of central Alberta, I thank Jack and Joan.
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