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Image titled Glossary of Parliamentary Procedure Glossary of Parliamentary Procedure

Seventh Edition • September 2011

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Select the first letter of the word from the list above to jump to appropriate section of the Glossary. There are no definitions in the Glossary under the letters K, X, Y and Z.

Notes on the use of the Glossary

The definitions in this Glossary are presented for information purposes only. They do not constitute a procedural authority.

Cross References

Used to refer to a related term which provides additional or complementary information about the concept defined
E.g.: abstention. Compare: pairing

Used to refer to a related term where a risk of confusion exists
E.g.: recess. Distinguish: adjournment; suspension

Used to refer to a main entry which is accompanied by a definition
E.g.: authority. See: procedural authority

Used to identify a synonym listed under a main entry term
E.g.: allotted day. Synonyms: opposition day; supply day

This Glossary of Parliamentary Procedure is produced by Procedural Services of the House of Commons for the information of the general public. For further information or to make any comments concerning this glossary you may contact the Table Research Branch at