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Marjory LeBreton   -   Conservative Party of Canada
Province: Ontario
Senatorial Designation: Ontario
Appointed on the advice of: Mulroney (PC)
Telephone: 613-943-0756 or 1-800-267-7362
Fax: 613-943-1493

Marjory LeBreton was born in Nepean, Ontario, in 1940. An active member of the P.C. Party of Canada and the Conservative Party of Canada, she held numerous senior positions over five decades. She was an aide to John Diefenbaker, Robert Stanfield and Joe Clark and was Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of OiC Appointments for Brian Mulroney. Summoned to the Senate in June, 1993 by Brian Mulroney, she served on many Senate Committees and was Opposition Whip from 2004 to 2006. In February 2006, she was named Government Leader in the Senate by Stephen Harper, she held that position until August 2013. She was Minister of State, Seniors from 2007 to 2010 and is a past Chairman of MADD Canada.

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Current Member of the following Senate committee(s):
Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration   

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