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Scott Tannas   -   Conservative Party of Canada
Province: Alberta
Senatorial Designation: Alberta
Appointed on the advice of: Harper (C)
Telephone: 613-943-2240 or 1-800-267-7362
Fax: 613-943-2280

Scott Tannas is a proud Albertan who was born in High River, Alberta where he resides with his wife Taryn and their four children.

Scott is Founder and Vice Chairman of Western Financial Group.  He served as President until September 1, 2013 and Chief Executive Officer until December 31, 2013. From humble beginnings as a small town insurance agent in High River, he engineered the building of Western Financial Group while fostering a corporate culture of truthfulness, fairness, value, and loyalty. The company now has more than 1800 employees working in over 150 offices that stretch from Winnipeg to the west coast.

He is a director of a number of private and public businesses, Vice President of SOS Children’s Villages Canada, Chairman of the Western Communities Foundation, and member of the Ranchmen’s Club of Calgary.

Scott’s father, Don Tannas, was a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and Deputy Speaker of the Alberta Legislature. After giving it much consideration, Scott ventured into politics himself as a Progressive Conservative candidate in the 2012 Alberta Senator-in-waiting elections. He was elected second out of three Senator-in-waiting positions and was appointed to the Senate by Prime Minister Harper following the retirement of Senator Bert Brown on March 22, 2013.

Scott is currently sitting on a number of Senate committees including  the Aboriginal People’s Committee;  Conflict of Interest for Senators Committee; and a joint House of Commons/Senate Committee responsible for Scrutiny of Regulations.  He is making Senate Reform one of his key priorities as a Senator.

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Current Member of the following Senate committee(s):
Aboriginal Peoples   
Conflict of Interest for Senators   
Scrutiny of Regulations (Joint)   

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