Carolyn Stewart Olsen   -  Conservative Party of Canada
New Brunswick
Senatorial Designation:
New Brunswick
Appointed on the advice of:
Stephen Harper (C)
613-992-0121  or 1-800-267-7362

Carolyn Stewart Olsen (New Brunswick) has extensive experience in health care and politics. A Registered Nurse, Ms. Stewart Olsen spent over a decade as an emergency staff nurse at hospitals throughout New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec. In 1986, Ms. Stewart Olsen was named Head Nurse for the Ambulatory Care Department at Ottawa’s Grace Hospital and later Nursing Manager for the Emergency, Recovery Room, Ambulatory Care, and CSR departments at Carleton Place Hospital. After a twenty-year career in nursing, Ms. Stewart Olsen turned her attention to political life where she served as communications assistant and Press Secretary to the Leader of the Opposition. Most recently, she served as Press Secretary and Director of Strategic Communication in the Office of the Prime Minister. Ms. Stewart Olsen is married to Terry Olsen.

Current Member of the following Senate committee(s):
Fisheries and Oceans
Senate Modernization (Special)
Social Affairs, Science and Technology
Personal Website:  ( N.B. This site is not a part of the parliamentary Internet site )

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