Yonah Martin   -  Conservative Party of Canada
British Columbia
Senatorial Designation:
British Columbia
Appointed on the advice of:
Harper (C)
613-947-4078  or 1-800-267-7362

Yonah (Kim) Martin was appointed to the Senate by The Right Honourable Stephen Harper in January 2009. She is the first Canadian of Korean descent to serve in the Senate of Canada and the first Korean-Canadian Parliamentarian in Canadian history. Born in Seoul, Korea, Yonah Martin immigrated to Canada in 1972 and has since been a resident of Vancouver, BC. Graduate of the University of British Columbia in 1987, she spent 21 years as an educator until her appointment to the Senate. In her capacity as Senator, she has represented BC proudly and has had the honour to become a champion of the Veterans of the Korean War. On June 19, 2013, her Bill S-213 (Korean War Veterans Day Act), which enacts July 27th as a day of remembrance for Veterans of the Korean War, finally received Royal Assent.

Senator Martin has received the Spirit of Community award for Cultural Harmony (2004), the Order of Korea Moran Medal from the Government of the Republic of Korea (2009), and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012). She has been married to Doug Martin since 1990; and they have one daughter.

Yonah Martin served as Co-Chair of The Standing Joint Committee of Scrutiny of Regulations (2010-2011) and as a member of several other Committees; then as Deputy Whip of the Government in the Senate (May 2011 to August 2013). She is currently the Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate.

Current Member of the following Senate committee(s):
Human Rights
Rules, Procedures and the Rights of Parliament
Selection Committee
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The Leader of the Government in the Senate, or, in the absence of that Leader, the Deputy Leader of the Government, and the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, or, in the absence of that Leader, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, are members ex officio in addition to the number of appointed members, of the Committee of Selection and all select committees of the Senate.

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