Click for report: Securing Canada’s Place in Asia-Pacific: A Focus on Southeast Asia
Click for report: Expanding Canadian Businesses’ Engagement in Foreign Markets: The Role of Federal Trade Promotion Services.
Click for report: North American Neighbours: Maximizing Opportunities and Strengthening Cooperation for a More Prosperous Future.


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Current Members
Committee Member 1 Chair
Raynell Andreychuk
C - (Saskatchewan)
Committee Member 2 Deputy Chair
Percy E. Downe
Lib. - (Charlottetown - Prince Edward Island)
Committee Member 3 Salma Ataullahjan
C - (Toronto - Ontario)
Committee Member 4 Jane Cordy
Lib. - (Nova Scotia)
Committee Member 5 Dennis Dawson
Lib. - (Lauzon - Quebec)
Committee Member 6 Jacques Demers
C - (Rigaud - Quebec)
Committee Member 7 Nicole Eaton
C - (Ontario)
Committee Member 8 Janis G. Johnson
C - (Manitoba)
Committee Member 9 Victor Oh
C - (Mississauga - Ontario)
Committee Member 10 David P. Smith
Lib. - (Cobourg - Ontario)
Committee Member 11 Josée Verner
C - (Montarville - Quebec)

Claude Carignan (or Yonah Martin) Ex-officio - C

James S. Cowan (or Joan Fraser) Ex-officio - Lib.