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Current Members
Committee Member 1 Chair
Richard Neufeld
C - (British Columbia)
Committee Member 2 Deputy Chair
Paul J. Massicotte
Lib. - (De Lanaudière - Quebec)
Committee Member 3 Douglas Black
C - (Alberta)
Committee Member 4 Michael L. MacDonald
C - (Cape Breton - Nova Scotia)
Committee Member 5 Grant Mitchell
Lib. - (Alberta)
Committee Member 6 Dennis Glen Patterson
C - (Nunavut)
Committee Member 7 Pierrette Ringuette
Lib. - (New Brunswick)
Committee Member 8 Judith G. Seidman
C - (De la Durantaye - Quebec)
Committee Member 9 Nick G. Sibbeston
Lib. - (Northwest Territories)

Claude Carignan (or Yonah Martin) Ex-officio - C

James S. Cowan (or Joan Fraser) Ex-officio - Lib.