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NamePolitical PartyConstituencyDate Elected ( of Birth
Fry, Hedy Liberal Party of Canada Vancouver Centre, British Columbia 1993.10.25 Trinidad
Ablonczy, Diane Reform Party Calgary Nose Hill, Alberta 1997.06.02 United States
Davies, Libby New Democratic Party Vancouver East, British Columbia 1997.06.02 England
Obhrai, Deepak Reform Party Calgary East, Alberta 1997.06.02 Tanzania
Grewal, Nina Conservative Party of Canada Fleetwood--Port Kells, British Columbia 2004.06.28 Japan
Stoffer, Peter New Democratic Party Sackville--Eastern Shore, Nova Scotia 2004.06.28 Netherlands
Fletcher, Steven John Conservative Party of Canada Charleswood--St. James--Assiniboia, Manitoba 2004.09.01 Brazil
Charlton, Chris New Democratic Party Hamilton Mountain, Ontario 2006.01.23 Germany
Clement, Tony Conservative Party of Canada Parry Sound--Muskoka, Ontario 2006.01.23 England
Mourani, Maria Bloc Québécois Ahuntsic, Quebec 2006.01.23 Ivory Coast
Murray, Joyce Liberal Party of Canada Vancouver Quadra, British Columbia 2008.03.17 South Africa
Allen, Malcolm New Democratic Party Welland, Ontario 2008.10.14 Scotland
Hyer, Bruce New Democratic Party Thunder Bay--Superior North, Ontario 2008.10.14 United States
Kent, Peter Conservative Party of Canada Thornhill, Ontario 2008.10.14 England
Shory, Devinder Conservative Party of Canada Calgary Northeast, Alberta 2008.10.14 India
Wong, Alice Conservative Party of Canada Richmond, British Columbia 2008.10.14 Hong Kong
Fantino, Julian Conservative Party of Canada Vaughan, Ontario 2010.11.29 Italy
Ayala, Paulina New Democratic Party Honoré-Mercier, Quebec 2011.05.02 Chile
Benskin, Tyrone New Democratic Party Jeanne-Le Ber, Quebec 2011.05.02 England
Brahmi, Tarik New Democratic Party Saint-Jean, Quebec 2011.05.02 France
Chisu, Corneliu Conservative Party of Canada Pickering--Scarborough East, Ontario 2011.05.02 Romania
Daniel, Joe Conservative Party of Canada Don Valley East, Ontario 2011.05.02 Tanzania
Garrison, Randall New Democratic Party Esquimalt--Juan de Fuca, British Columbia 2011.05.02 United States
Gill, Parm Conservative Party of Canada Brampton--Springdale, Ontario 2011.05.02 India
Gosal, Bal Conservative Party of Canada Bramalea--Gore--Malton, Ontario 2011.05.02 India
Groguhé, Sadia New Democratic Party Saint-Lambert, Quebec 2011.05.02 France
Hassainia, Sana New Democratic Party Verchères--Les Patriotes, Quebec 2011.05.02 Tunisia
Hayes, Bryan Conservative Party of Canada Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario 2011.05.02 France
Hsu, Ted Liberal Party of Canada Kingston and the Islands, Ontario 2011.05.02 United States
Leung, Chungsen Conservative Party of Canada Willowdale, Ontario 2011.05.02 Taiwan
Lizon, Wladyslaw Conservative Party of Canada Mississauga East--Cooksville, Ontario 2011.05.02 Poland
May, Elizabeth Green Party of Canada Saanich--Gulf Islands, British Columbia 2011.05.02 United States
Nunez-Melo, José New Democratic Party Laval, Quebec 2011.05.02 Dominican Republic
Sandhu, Jasbir New Democratic Party Surrey North, British Columbia 2011.05.02 India
Sellah, Djaouida New Democratic Party Saint-Bruno--Saint-Hubert, Quebec 2011.05.02 Algeria
Sims, Jinny Jogindera New Democratic Party Newton--North Delta, British Columbia 2011.05.02 India
Sitsabaiesan, Rathika New Democratic Party Scarborough--Rouge River, Ontario 2011.05.02 Sri Lanka
Sullivan, Mike New Democratic Party York South--Weston, Ontario 2011.05.02 United States
Young, Wai Conservative Party of Canada Vancouver South, British Columbia 2011.05.02 Hong Kong
Dubourg, Emmanuel Liberal Party of Canada Bourassa, Quebec 2013.11.25 Haiti
Perkins, Patricia (Pat) Conservative Party of Canada Whitby--Oshawa, Ontario 2014.11.17 Scotland

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