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NamePolitical PartyConstituencyDate Elected ( of Birth
Fry, Hedy Liberal Party of Canada Vancouver Centre, British Columbia 1993.10.25 Trinidad
Clement, Tony Conservative Party of Canada Parry Sound--Muskoka, Ontario 2006.01.23 England
Murray, Joyce Liberal Party of Canada Vancouver Quadra, British Columbia 2008.03.17 South Africa
Kent, Peter Conservative Party of Canada Thornhill, Ontario 2008.10.14 England
May, Elizabeth Green Party of Canada Saanich--Gulf Islands, British Columbia 2011.05.02 United States
Dubourg, Emmanuel Liberal Party of Canada Bourassa, Quebec 2013.11.25 Haiti
Alghabra, Omar Liberal Party of Canada Mississauga Centre, Ontario 2015.10.19 Saudi Arabia
Dhaliwal, Sukh Liberal Party of Canada Surrey--Newton, British Columbia 2015.10.19 India
Ehsassi, Ali Liberal Party of Canada Willowdale, Ontario 2015.10.19 Switzerland
El-Khoury, Fayçal Liberal Party of Canada Laval--Les Îles, Quebec 2015.10.19 Lebanon
Fonseca, Peter Liberal Party of Canada Mississauga East--Cooksville, Ontario 2015.10.19 Portugal
Garrison, Randall New Democratic Party Esquimalt--Saanich--Sooke, British Columbia 2015.10.19 United States
Mendes, Alexandra Liberal Party of Canada Brossard--Saint-Lambert, Quebec 2015.10.19 Portugal
Obhrai, Deepak Conservative Party of Canada Calgary Forest Lawn, Alberta 2015.10.19 Tanzania
Ratansi, Yasmin Liberal Party of Canada Don Valley East, Ontario 2015.10.19 Tanzania
Rodriguez, Pablo Liberal Party of Canada Honoré-Mercier, Quebec 2015.10.19 Argentina
Wong, Alice Conservative Party of Canada Richmond Centre, British Columbia 2015.10.19 Hong Kong

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