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Abandoned rail lines. See Rail line abandonment
Abandoned railroads. See Rail line abandonment
Abandoned railway lines. See Rail line abandonment
Abandoned railways. See Rail line abandonment
Abandonment of lines. See Rail line abandonment
Abandonment of rail lines. See Rail line abandonment
Abandonment of railroads. See Rail line abandonment
Abitibi-Témiscamingue region
Aboriginal bands. See First Nations
Aboriginal claims. See Aboriginal land claims
Aboriginal communities. See Aboriginal peoples
Aboriginal government. See Aboriginal self-government
Aboriginal Justice Strategy
Aboriginal reservations. See Aboriginal reserves
Aboriginal residential schools
See also Schools
Aboriginals. See Aboriginal peoples
Abroad. See Foreign countries
Abuse and exploitation of foreign workers
Abuse of children. See Child abuse
Abuse of detainees and transfers. See Prisoners of war abuse
Abuse of power. See Oppression
Abuse of prisoners of war. See Prisoners of war abuse
Abuse of the elderly. See Elder abuse
Abused children. See Child abuse
Abused women. See Violence against women
Abusive childhood. See Child abuse
Academic achievement and school performance
Academy Awards
Access to health care. See Health services accessibility
Accessibility for persons with a disability. See Access for disabled people
Accessibility of information. See Access to information
Accidents at work
See also Injuries
Accommodations. See Housing
Accountability report. See Accountability
Accumulated deficit. See Public debt
Accusations. See Members remarks
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome. See AIDS and HIV
Action Plan to Address Family Violence and Violent Crimes Against Aboriginal Women and Girls
Active work force. See Labour force
Addiction Recovery Week
Addiction to drugs. See Drug use and abuse
Address to both Houses of Parliament. See Addresses by distinguished visitors
Addresses by distinguished visitors
Addresses to Parliament. See Addresses by distinguished visitors
Adjournment motion to consider urgent and public matters. See Emergency debates
Adjudicators. See Arbitration and arbitrators
Adler, Mark (CPC—York Centre)
Agents of Parliament, C-520
Filipino Canadians, C-675
Hate propaganda, C-678
Hispanic Heritage Month, C-646
Holocaust, C-678
Journey to Freedom Day, S-219
Latin American Canadians, C-646
Partisanship, C-520
Philippine Heritage Month, C-675
Property trafficking, C-678
Refugees, S-219
Vietnamese Canadians, S-219
Administration fees. See Administrative fees
Administration of business. See Business management
Administration of justice. See Justice system
Administrative burden. See Bureaucracy
Administrative Monetary Penalty System
Administrative personnel
Administrative regions
Administrative review. See Inquiries and public inquiries
Administrative segregation. See Solitary confinement
Administrative Tribunals Support Service of Canada
Committee reports
Main estimates 2015-2016
Senate and senators
Senate Ethics Officer
Supplementary estimates (B) 2014-2015
Administrative tutelage. See Third party management
Admissibility criteria. See Application process
Adolescents. See Young people
ADRM Technology Consulting Group Corp.
Communication processes
Government contracts
Invitation to tender
Adult basic skills. See Adult education and training
Adult learning and skills. See Adult education and training
Advance passenger information. See Passenger lists
Advanced Manufacturing Fund
Adverse drug reactions
Advertising campaigns. See Advertising
Advertising techniques. See Advertising
Advisory Committee for Effective Treatment and Rehabilitation of Veterans with Service-Related Brain Injuries
Brain injuries
Medical rehabilitation
Advisory Committee on Vice-Regal Appointments
Associations, institutions and organizations
Selection process
Advisory Council for Promoting Women on Boards
Associations, institutions and organizations
Board of directors
Career development
Crown corporations
Government accountability
Leadership skills
Sexual discrimination
Status of women
Advisory labels. See Warning labels
Advisory Panel on Labour Market Information
Information collection
Aerodromes. See Airports
Aeronautics. See Air transportation
Aéroports de Montréal
Bouchard Stream
Montréal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport
Water quality
Aerospace industry
See also Aircraft
Affordable housing. See Social housing
Afghan National Directorate of Security. See National Directorate of Security
Afghans. See Afghanistan
African Great Lakes. See Great Lakes Region of Africa
African National Congress (ANC)
Deportation, extradition and removal of foreigners
Passports and visas
South Africa
Age of consent
Age of protection. See Age of consent
Age of sexual consent. See Age of consent
Aged people. See Senior citizens
Agents of Parliament
Aging Veterans Program. See Veterans Independence Program
Agreements of standing offers. See Standing offers
Agressive or abusive tax planning. See Tax avoidance
Agricultural Innovation Program
Agricultural land
Agricultural markets. See Farmers markets
Agricultural producers. See Farming and farmers
Agricultural research
Agricultural seeds. See Seed growing
Agricultural workers. See Farm workers
Agriculture and agricultural industry. See Farming and farmers
Agriculture, environment and natural resources
AgriInnovation Program
Ahmadinejad, Mahmoud
Aid to developing countries. See International development and aid
Air Cadet League of Canada
Flight training
Air Canada Centre
Air carriers. See Airlines
Air defence
Air passengers. See Airline passengers
Air pilots. See Pilots
Air rifles. See Air guns
Air Transport Association of Canada
Flight training
Air transport safety. See Air safety
Air transport security. See Air safety
Air travel. See Air transportation
Aircraft industry. See Aerospace industry
Aircraft piloting. See Pilotage
Airfields. See Airports
Airplanes. See Aircraft
Airport authorities. See Airports
Airport runways. See Landing strips
Airstrips. See Landing strips
Akwesasne Mohawk Reserve
Alcohol intoxication while driving. See Impaired driving
Alcoholic beverages. See Alcoholic drinks
Alcoholic drinks
Alexander, Lincoln (—)
Lincoln Alexander Day, S-213
Aliens. See Foreign persons
All Buffleheads Day
Allen, Malcolm (NDP—Welland)
Written Questions, Q-152, Q-153, Q-501, Q-502, Q-503, Q-700, Q-893, Q-894
Agricultural research, Q-700
Aquaculture, Q-501
Azodicarbonamide, Q-503
Beekeeping and beekeepers, Q-152
Bees, Q-152
Border officials, Q-153
Environmental contamination, Q-152
Executive officers, Q-893
Food labelling, Q-894
Food safety, Q-894
Fruit and vegetables, Q-894
Genetically modified organisms, Q-700
Government compensation, Q-501
Immigration and immigrants, C-598
Imports, Q-153
Infectious hematopoietic necrosis, Q-501
Infectious salmon anemia, Q-501
Information dissemination, Q-894
Judicial interim release, C-598
Local products, C-449
Maximum Residue Limits, Q-502
Meat processing industry, Q-894
Meat products, Q-894
National Garden Day, C-589
National Local Food Day, C-449
National organ donor registry, C-477
Neonicotinoids, Q-152
Non-salary benefits, Q-893
Packaging and labelling, Q-153
Pesticides, Q-502
Poultry, Q-153
Privatization, Q-893
Public consultation, Q-894
Quality control, Q-894
Safety testing, Q-502, Q-503
Salmon, Q-501
Scientific research and scientists, Q-152
Tea, Q-502
Victims of crime, C-598
Allen, Mike (CPC—Tobique—Mactaquac)
Bills, C-549
Motions, M-605
Bureaucracy, M-605
Financial reporting system, M-605
Tax measures, C-549
Taxation, M-605
Allied veterans. See Veterans
Allocation of frequencies. See Frequency allocation
ALS Awareness Month. See Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Month
Alternate level of care. See Hospitals
Alternative dispute resolutions. See Mediation and mediators
Alternative energy. See Renewable energy and fuel
Alternative transportation
Alzheimer's. See Alzheimer disease
Alzheimer's disease. See Alzheimer disease
Ambassador for Fisheries Conservation
Ambler, Stella (CPC—Mississauga South)
Motions, M-505
Written Questions, Q-1198
Constituencies, Q-1198
Forced marriages, M-505
Government loans, Q-1198
News releases, Q-1198
Refugee sponsorship, M-505
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Month
Anal intercourse. See Anal sex
Anal sex
Analysis of harm. See Risk management
Anaphylaxis. See Anaphylactic reaction
Ancillary health services staff. See Caregivers and health care professionals
Anders, Rob (CPC—Calgary West)
Bills, C-570
Rape, C-570
Sentencing, C-570
Andrews, Scott (Ind.—Avalon)
Appeals and appeals officers, Q-1109
Argentia, Q-606
Atlantic Canada, Q-370, Q-609, Q-610
Atlantic fisheries, Q-445
Backlogs, Q-1109
Budget cuts, Q-1112
Cabinet Ministers staff, Q-178
Cadets, Q-177
Channel-Port aux Basques, Q-606, Q-607
Coastal areas, Q-609
Cod, Q-445
Constituencies, Q-176, Q-724
Economic development, Q-446
Economic sectors, Q-1111
Emergency response and emergency responders, Q-609
Employment insurance, Q-1109, Q-1110
Federal-provincial-territorial relations, Q-446
Ferries, Q-606, Q-607
Fisheries and fishers, Q-446
Fisheries quotas, Q-610
Fishing areas, Q-610
Flight training, Q-177
Full-time workers, Q-1111
Funds, Q-446
Government assistance, Q-724
Government borrowing, Q-444
Income and wages, Q-178
Interest rates, Q-444
Job creation, Q-1111
Maritime safety, Q-609
Minimum wages, Q-1111
Newfoundland and Labrador, Q-445, Q-446, Q-606, Q-607, Q-1112
North Sydney, Q-606, Q-607
Nova Scotia, Q-606, Q-607
Oil spills, Q-609
Oil tankers, Q-609
Part-time workers, Q-1111
Postal services, Q-1112
Public Service and public servants, Q-1110
Regional development, Q-1111
Staffing, Q-1110
West coast of Canada, Q-609
Angus, Charlie (NDP—Timmins—James Bay)
Motions, M-456
Aboriginal reserves, Q-486, Q-625, Q-801, Q-814
Aboriginal residential schools, Q-296, Q-952
Academic achievement and school performance, Q-801
Access for disabled people, Q-1118
Access to information requests, Q-485, Q-728, Q-838
Accountability, Q-136
Advanced wireless services, Q-953
Airline passengers, Q-463, Q-522
Allegations of fraud and fraud, Q-136, Q-954
Arbitration and arbitrators, Q-952
Auctions, Q-953
Backlogs, Q-485, Q-952
Bottled water and water bottles, Q-625
Briefing materials, Q-745
Broadcast distribution undertakings, Q-1128
Budget, Q-838
Cabinet ministers offices, Q-141, Q-155
Cabinet Ministers staff, Q-728, Q-756
Challenger aircraft, Q-463, Q-1130
Cheques, Q-136
Commissioner of Canada Elections, Q-745
Computer crime, Q-729
Computer networks, Q-953
Constituencies, Q-299, Q-944
Constitutionality, Q-1129
Consultants, Q-838
Costs, Q-745
Criminal investigations and hearings, Q-296
Data transmission, Q-729
Detainees, Q-814
Director of Public Prosecutions, Q-745
Drinking water, Q-625
Duffy, Jim Michael, Q-136
e-Security, Q-464
Electoral reform, Q-745
Electronic data protection, Q-255, Q-457, Q-464
Electronic surveillance, Q-953
Enabling Accessibility Fund, Q-1118
Ethics and ethical issues, Q-136
Evidence gathering, Q-729
Federal institutions, Q-255, Q-457, Q-464, Q-485, Q-729, Q-838, Q-954
Federal-provincial-territorial relations, Q-814
First Nations, Q-486, Q-625, Q-801, Q-814
Floods, Q-537
Fort Albany, Q-296
Frequency allocation, Q-953, Q-1128
Government aircraft, Q-463, Q-522, Q-1130
Government assistance, Q-944
Government compensation, Q-296, Q-952
Government contracts, Q-70
Health care system, M-456, Q-814
High-definition television, Q-70
Housing, Q-1129
Identity theft, Q-255, Q-457, Q-464, Q-954
Independent Assessment Process, Q-296, Q-952
Information dissemination, Q-296
Infrastructure, Q-537
Interception of communication, Q-953, Q-1128
Invitation to tender, Q-1118
Legal services, Q-141
Literacy and literacy training, Q-801
Loss of information, Q-255, Q-457, Q-464
Military personnel, Q-814
National security, Q-1128
Numeracy, Q-801
Palliative care, M-456, Q-814
Part-time workers, Q-838
Permits and licences, Q-1128
Political appointments, Q-1129
Privacy and data protection, Q-255, Q-954
Privacy Commissioner, Q-255, Q-457, Q-464
Privacy of personal records, Q-255, Q-457, Q-464, Q-729
R. v. Spencer, Q-729
Regional development programs, Q-944
Regional offices, Q-155
Reimbursement, Q-1130
Rural communities, Q-814
Schools, Q-486
Search warrants, Q-729, Q-1128
Security checks, Q-838
Senate and senators, Q-136
Senatorial divisions, Q-1129
Severance pay, Q-756
Staff transfers, Q-745
Staffing, Q-838
Telecommunications networks, Q-953
Terrorism and terrorists, Q-1128
Travel, Q-522, Q-1130
Victim counselling, Q-952
Victims compensation programs, Q-952
Water resources, Q-625
Wright, Nigel, Q-136
Animal abandonment. See Cruelty to animals
Animal abuse. See Cruelty to animals
Animal neglect. See Cruelty to animals
Animal production. See Livestock farming
Animal stock management. See Wildlife conservation
Animal welfare. See Animal rights and welfare
Anishinabe Aki region
Anniversaries. See Anniversary
Announcements. See Information dissemination
Answers to Written Questions on the Order Paper
Briefing notes
Electronic documents
Government accountability
Government performance
Government services
Information dissemination
Members of Parliament
Person-to-person communications
Print formats
Senate and senators
Service delivery
Withholding of information
Anti-ballistic missiles. See Antiballistic missiles
Anti-competitive practices
Anti-counterfeiting. See Counterfeiting
Anti doping. See Drug use and abuse
Anti-doping. See Drug use and abuse
Anti semitism. See Anti-Semitism
Anti-smoking campaigns. See Smoking education
Anti theft vehicle immobilization systems. See Ignition interlock systems
Anti-theft vehicle immobilization systems. See Ignition interlock systems
Antiballistic missiles
Anticompetitive business practices. See Anti-competitive practices
Antisemitism. See Anti-Semitism
Antismoking campaigns. See Smoking education
Appartment condominiums. See Condominium housing
Appeal officers. See Appeals and appeals officers
Appeals officers. See Appeals and appeals officers
Appetite disorders. See Eating disorders
Application review process. See Application process
Applied Behavioural Analysis
Aquatic invasive species. See Invasive species
Arab countries. See Arab World
Arab-speaking countries. See Arab World
Arab States. See Arab World
Arab World
Judaism and Jews
Arantes do Nascimento, Edson
Arbitration and arbitrators
Archaeological sites. See Heritage sites and buildings
Arctic regions
Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress
Canadian companies
Canadians in foreign countries
Costa Rica
Evidence gathering
International relations
Mining industry
Transfer of money
Armament. See Military weapons
Armed forces. See Canadian Forces
Armed Forces of Ukraine
Agreements and contracts
Data sharing
Information collection
International relations
Public consultation
Remote sensing satellites
Arms length principle. See Arms-length relationship
Arms length relationship. See Arms-length relationship
Arms limitation. See Arms control
Arms trafficking. See Arms control
Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution
Terrorist entities watch lists
Arrest warrants
Arrested persons. See Arrests
Art galleries. See Museums and galleries
Artist following rights. See Artist resale rights
Artist resale rights
Arts and culture. See Culture and creativity
Ashraf City. See Camp Ashraf
Ashton, Niki (NDP—Churchill)
Bills, C-491, C-522
Motions, M-444, M-510
Written Questions, Q-337, Q-749, Q-1094, Q-1095, Q-1321
Abortion, M-510
Action Plan to Address Family Violence and Violent Crimes Against Aboriginal Women and Girls, Q-749
Adult education and training, Q-1095
Backlogs, Q-1094
Budget, Q-1094, Q-1095
Building code, Q-1095
Constituencies, Q-1321
Crown corporations, Q-337
Domestic violence, Q-749
Emergency response and emergency responders, Q-1095
Equipment, Q-1095
Executive officers, Q-337
Family planning, M-510
Fire safety, Q-1095
First Nations, Q-749, Q-1095
Girls, Q-749
Government assistance, Q-749
Government loans, Q-1321
Government services, Q-1094
Identity cards, Q-1094
Inland waters, C-491, C-522
Inspection and inspectors, Q-1095
International development and aid, M-510
Inuit, Q-749
Lakes, C-522
Maintenance, repair and renovation services, Q-1095
Maternal health, M-510
Métis, Q-749
News releases, Q-1321
Order in Council appointments, Q-337
Public Service and public servants, Q-1094
Rivers, C-491
Saskatchewan, C-522
Service delivery, Q-1094
Sexual discrimination, Q-337
Staffing, Q-1094
Status Indians, Q-1094
Status of women, M-510
Violence against women, M-444, Q-749
Volunteer firefighters, Q-1095
Women, Q-337, Q-749
Assassination. See Homicide
Assets freeze. See Seizure of assets
Assignment of jurisdiction. See Download responsibility
Assignment of seats in the House
Assisted relative class immigrants. See Immigrant sponsorship
Associate Deputy Ministers
Association of employees. See Labour unions
Assurance. See Insurance
Astronomy and astrophysics
Astrophysics. See Astronomy and astrophysics
Asylum seekers. See Asylum
Asylum system. See Asylum
Atamanenko, Alex (NDP—British Columbia Southern Interior)
Written Questions, Q-20, Q-129
Abattoirs, Q-20, Q-129
Alfalfa, M-193
Animal health, M-196
Beekeeping and beekeepers, M-393
Bees, M-192
Certification, M-194
Civilians, M-247
Cruelty to animals, M-200, Q-20
Electromagnetic radiation, M-355
Employment insurance variable entrance requirements, M-195
Exports, Q-20, Q-129
Farming and farmers, M-195, M-199
Feebates initiatives, C-259
Food and beverage manufacturing industry, M-198
Food labelling, C-257
Food safety, Q-20, Q-129
Food supply, M-191
Freight transportation, Q-20
Genetic Use Restriction Technologies, C-434
Genetically modified organisms, C-257, C-434, M-193, M-194, M-197, M-201
Goods and services tax, C-259
Imports, M-198, Q-129
Income and wages, M-195
Information dissemination, C-257
Members of Parliament privileges, C-258
Moratorium, M-193
National Day of the Honey Bee, M-192
Negotiations and negotiators, M-199
Neonicotinoids, M-358
Official apology, M-568
Patronage appointments, C-258
Peace, C-373, M-248
Peace tax, C-363
Peacekeeping and peacemaking, M-247
Peer review, M-194
Pharmaceuticals, Q-20
Public health, M-355
School management and funding, C-259
Seed growing, C-434, M-201
Setting of standards, M-198
State trading enterprises, M-199
Transportation, M-196
War resisters, C-363
Athabasca River
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
Atlantic Canada
Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund
Committee reports
Consideration in a Committee of the Whole
Infrastructure Canada Program
Infrastructure Stimulus Fund
Main estimates 2014-2015
Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund
Senate and senators
Supplementary estimates (B) 2014-2015
Atlantic Lobster Sustainability Measures Program
Atlantic Pilotage Authority
Maritime safety
Operational reviews
Atlantic provinces. See Atlantic Canada
Atlantic region. See Atlantic Canada
Atlantic salmon
Atomic energy. See Nuclear energy
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
CANDU reactor
Chalk River
Committee reports
Consideration in a Committee of the Whole
Government contracts
Main estimates 2014-2015
Main estimates 2015-2016
National Research Universal reactor
Nuclear energy
Pensions and pensioners
Public Service and public servants
Senate and senators
Senate Ethics Officer
Supplementary estimates (A) 2015-2016
Supplementary estimates (B) 2014-2015
Attempted suicide
Attrition. See Personnel attrition
Attrition rate. See Personnel attrition
Aubin, Jane
Aubin, Robert (NDP—Trois-Rivières)
Motions, M-615
Written Questions, Q-284, Q-1035
City of Trois-Rivières, Q-284
Community economic development, Q-284
Compensation, M-615
Government facilities, Q-1035
Maintenance, repair and renovation services, Q-1035
Members of Parliament, Q-284
Public Service and public servants, Q-1035
Pyrrhotite, M-615
Quality control, M-615
Service standards, Q-284
Shawinigan, Q-1035
Staff transfers, Q-1035
Auction sales. See Auctions
Audio recording. See Sound recording media
Audiovisual materials. See Audio-visual products
Auditor General for Canada. See Auditor General of Canada
Auditors. See Audits and auditors
Aurora aircraft
Authorization to carry firearms. See Firearms permits
Authors of literary works. See Writers
Autism Spectrum Disorder. See Autism
Automated teller machines
Automatic dialers. See Telephone systems and telephony
Automobile industry. See Automotive industry
Automobiles. See Cars
Automotive sector. See Automotive industry
Avaneesh Software Private Ltd.
National Do Not Call List
Aviation. See Air transportation
Aviation safety. See Air safety
Aviation security. See Air safety
Avoidance of an election. See Voiding of an election
Avoidance of tax. See Tax avoidance
Ayala, Paulina (NDP—Honoré-Mercier)
Bills, C-579, C-635
Latin American Canadians, C-635
Latin-American Heritage Day, C-635
Urban heat islands, C-579
Azodicarbon amide. See Azodicarbonamide