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The Senate Page Program

Selection Process

Selection Process

The cover letter, a written examination and an interview determine the candidates' competencies for the position of page (see "Essential Qualifications" below). More details are provided when the candidates are convened for the selection process.

Many factors are taken into consideration when making the final selection in establishing a pool of qualified candidates which is used to appoint candidates to the position of Senate page. These factors include the candidate's performance during the interview/reference checks (including involvement in extracurricular and/or volunteering activities and achievements); provincial representation; linguistic duality; diversity; male/female ratio; cover letter and written test results.

Each year, we hire an average of eight new pages to complete the 15-member team, which includes the Chief Page and the Deputy Chief Page, who are responsible for coordinating the program.

The Senate of Canada is committed to having a skilled, diversified workforce reflective of Canadian society, and to ensuring the equitable representation of women, Aboriginal peoples, persons with a disability, and members of a visible minority group. We encourage members of these designated groups to self-identify.

Alternative evaluation methods and reasonable accommodation of special needs are available upon request.

Screening Requirements

To apply for the Page Program, candidates must: 

a) be a full-time student pursuing their first undergraduate degree, willing to live in the National Capital Region, and pursue their studies in one of the four universities;
b) Not have previous experience as a page on Parliament Hill;
c) Be able to communicate orally, at the advanced level, in both official languages; and
d) Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.

Essential Qualifications

The cover letter will assess the following competencies:

a) Integrity: Ability to perform work ethically and honestly, in compliance with relevant laws, rules and procedures, and in the best tradition of the Senate, in order to maintain public trust. Integrity applies to both individuals and activities of the Senate Administration (e.g. decision-making, communications).
b) Respect: The demonstration of consideration in all circumstances when dealing with parliamentarians, staff, partners and the general public, treating everyone with dignity, fairness and courtesy. Respect requires faithful compliance with relevant laws and with Senate rules, practices and traditions.
c) Service: The provision of non-partisan assistance or service with competence, efficiency and objectivity in response to the needs of parliamentarians, staff, partners and the general public.
d) Communication: The ability to convey information and ideas, in both written and oral formats, in a manner that brings an understanding to the target audience; the ability to actively listen to others to ensure an appreciation and understanding of issues.

An examination is designed to assess:

a) Knowledge of the organization of the Senate and Canadian parliamentary procedures;
b) Knowledge of the Standing Operating Procedures for a Senate Page; and
c) Knowledge of current events.

An interview assesses:

a) Ability to communicate effectively orally in the official language of his or her choice; and
b) The following behavioural competencies: teamwork and collaboration, judgment, reliability, service oriented, respect and integrity.

The knowledge examination and the interview may take place at the Senate for those candidates who are in the National Capital Region. For candidates who are not from the region, the knowledge examination can be administered by a designated individual in their school or community and the interview may take place by videoconferencing. An information package is sent to students whose candidacies are retained.

How to Apply

In order to be considered for the position of page, candidates must ensure that the following information is provided by 11:59 p.m. EST on Friday, December 18, 2015:

How to Apply (IMPORTANT):

a) Please include a cover letter (single spaced, with 12 point Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins) answering the following questions:

         A. The Senate’s institutional competencies are integrity, respect and service. How have you demonstrated the following institutional competencies in your recent past?  

     (It is important for Senate pages to demonstrate these competencies, and to render their services in a non-partisan, neutral, and impartial manner.)

         B. How would you make a positive contribution to the Senate Page Program?

b) Please submit a curriculum vitae that includes your education, extracurricular and volunteer activities and your interests and employment.
c) Create your online profile and submit your application here.

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