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The Special Committee on Violence Against Indigenous Women considered the matter of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada.
41st Parliament, 1st Session (June 2, 2011 - September 13, 2013) Current Session
On April 21, 2016, the House concurred in the Eighth Report of the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs, thereby amending Standing Order 104(2) and changing the name of the Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (AANO) to the Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs (INAN).

Summary of Work

41st Parliament, 1st Session

The Committee undertook over
3 studies and activities
categorized as follows:
0Studies related to Estimates
0Self-Initiated Studies
1Study initiated by other orders of reference from the House
Following these studies, the Committee presented
0 reports
to the House, including:
0following studies related to Bills
0following studies related to Estimates
0following Self-Initiated Studies
0following studies initiated by other orders of reference from the House
0 related to Activities work
To do so, the Committee held
8 meetings