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About Parliament


How does Canada's Parliament work? Learn all about it in these two comprehensive booklets!

How Canadians Govern Themselves

How Canadians Govern Themselves - Discover how Canada is governed!

Our Country, Our ParliamentOur Country, Our Parliament - Explore the principles of Canadian democracy!

For Youth

Want to connect to your Parliament? Check out our resources for youth.

Youth Connection



The Senate Portal

Senate Web site Visit the Senate Web site and stay connected to Senate activity.

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Annual Reports on Senate Activities

These annual Reports on Senate Activities showcase some of the Senate’s major accomplishments with respect to the development of public policy. They also each include a financial report that accounts for the Senate’s expenditures according to its program activity architecture during the fiscal year.

Senate Fact Sheets

On the Job

In the Senate Chamber

Senate Committees

House of Commons

House of Commons

Guide to the Canadian
House of Commons

Guide to the Canadian House of CommonsThe Guide to the House of Commons explains how the institution fits into Canada’s system of government. It describes the work done in the Commons and gives a look at the day-to-day life of a Member of Parliament.

Compendium of
House of Commons Procedure

Compendium of the House of Commons ProcedureAs a single online source of up-to-date procedural information, the Compendium includes a collection of both general and detailed articles on a variety of procedural topics.

Report to Canadians

Report to Canadians The Report to Canadians provides a look into the activities of Members and the work of the House of Commons Administration. It is one component in the House of Commons’ effort to increase the public’s understanding of Canada’s parliamentary system, and to maintain high standards of public-sector governance.

House of Commons Procedure and Practice, Second Edition, 2009

House of Commons Procedure and PracticeThe key procedural authority used by Members of the House of Commons, House of Commons Procedure and Practice provides a complete description of the rules, practices and precedents of the House of Commons. Published in 2009, this Second Edition is sometimes referred to as "O'Brien and Bosc".

On the Job

In the House of Commons Chamber

House of Commons Committees

How a Bill Becomes Law

How a Bill Becomes Law

Exploring the steps and stages involved in turning a bill into legislation.


Additional Information

Information Service

Information Service

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Brochures Interested in learning more about Parliament? Explore the publications available to you.

Procedural Reference Material

Procedural Reference Material

For more information on how Parliament works, see Procedural Reference Material.