Teachers institute

on Canadian Parliamentary Democracy

What is the Teachers Institute?

The Teachers Institute is an intensive professional development opportunity where you will...

  • develop strategies for teaching about Parliament, democracy, governance and citizenship;
  • learn from political, procedural and pedagogical experts;
  • discuss key issues in citizenship and parliamentary democracy; and,
  • take what you learn back to your classroom.

Program Highlights

  • Meet the Speakers of the Senate and the House of Commons and other parliamentarians.
  • Observe Question Period, parliamentary debates and committee meetings.
  • Analyze critical issues with political, procedural and pedagogical experts.
  • Receive important resource materials that support teaching about Parliament, governance, democracy and citizenship.
  • Celebrate excellence in teaching about Parliament, governance, democracy and citizenship.


We invite applications from all new or experienced teachers who...

  • have not previously participated in the Teachers Institute;
  • currently teach or work in the field of education in Canada (kindergarten to Grade 12, or kindergarten to CEGEP in Québec);
  • currently teach or expect to be teaching in a subject area related to citizenship, civics and/or social studies, or work with teachers in those subject areas;
  • plan to continue working in the field of education in the province or territory from which you apply until at least June 30, 2015; and,
  • are prepared to undertake a follow-up activity to extend the impact of the Teachers Institute.

Program Fees

If you are selected for the program, there is a $500 registration fee.

Note: The Parliament of Canada covers most travel costs, accommodation, and most meals during the program. Participants should expect to pay for 3-4 dinners over the course of the week.

Bursary Opportunity

The Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians (CAFP) offers $500 bursaries to help cover the cost of substitute coverage for participants who, otherwise, would not be able to attend. For information about the CAFP, visit www.exparl.ca.

February 2016 Bursary Information

February 21-26, 2016
  • This is a one of a kind experience. It is the best professional development that I have participated in as a teacher. I have learned so much this week about Canadian Parliamentary Democracy. I can’t wait to go back to my classroom and engage and hopefully inspire my students with a passion for democracy and government. This week I am truly proud to be Canadian!

    - Elaine Strydhorst, Alberta

  • I have learned that I don’t need to teach my learners to vote. I need to teach them the passion to care about voting!

    - Bernice Curtis, Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Programs of this nature offer an outstanding opportunity to witness the processes first-hand, but also to gain so much perspective and understanding of fellow Canadians. I feel so privileged to have had this opportunity, and will make great use of the gift of knowledge and understanding I have received.

    - Kathleen Galloway, Alberta

  • The week that I spent on Parliament Hill has opened my eyes to the workings of government, put a charge into my teaching, and most importantly has reversed my naïve and cynical view that I had held concerning the workings of government.

    - Brian Grandy, Ontario

  • I feel so privileged to have been a part of it. I will never forget what I saw, heard, learned and felt. It was an experience that has touched me personally and benefited me professionally.

    - Derek Carter, Nova Scotia

  • Having taught for ten years, I can honestly say I have never experienced such an amazing professional development opportunity. As a primary teacher I have struggled with how to make civics applicable to my classroom. I have wanted to make my students feel connected to Canada and find pride in being Canadian. […] I am leaving with multiple ideas to share and teach.

    - Elizabeth Phipps, Saskatchewan

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