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Information on the accessibility features of this site

Navigating the Site
Navigating Using Adaptive Technologies 
Activating the Out-Loud Reading Feature from Your Internet Browser (PDF)
Using Adobe Acrobat Reader to Activate Out-Loud Reading 
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Navigating the Site

The Compendium site may be navigated in several different ways:

Drill Down

  • Choosing a link from the Topics list in the left menu bar will route you to the general article on that topic. You may then drill down from the general article to more detailed articles by clicking on one of the specific topics found at the bottom of the various sections of the general article.
  • When you click on a link to a detailed article, a new window will open, leaving the general article open and accessible behind the new window.
  • Once you have opened one detailed article, all other detailed articles will load into the same window if it is left open. You will then be able to navigate back and forth through them using the “Back” and “Forward” buttons located in the navigation bar found at the top of all the detailed articles.

Site Specific Search Engine

The Compendium also contains a site specific search engine. By typing a procedural term in the search bar, users will be provided with a complete listing of all the articles containing that term.

Site Map

The Compendium Site Map contains a complete listing of all the articles, shown by general topic and sub-topics, as well as all related detailed articles. By clicking on an article title, users will link directly to that article

Alphabetical List of Articles

An alphabetical index lists general articles and the more detailed ones on specific topics which flow from that topic. The title of general articles is shown in larger type and is identified by [General Article] in square brackets. Detailed articles are listed in alphabetical order, followed by the title of the general topics to which they relate in square brackets.

Top and Top of Page Buttons

The “Top” button found within the text of general articles will take you back to the top of the main content on a page. The “Top of Page” button appears at the bottom of every article and will take you to the top of the web page where the Parliament of Canada Web navigation bar is located.

Navigating Using Adaptive Technologies

For those using adaptive technologies or those who prefer tabbing through links on the site, two invisible links are available directly after the Parliament of Canada Web navigation bar. These allow the user to “Skip to main content” of a page or “Skip to Procedural Topics”. These links will become visible as you tab through the page.

Using Shift + Tab allows the user to move backwards through the tab sequence on the page.

Activating the Out-Loud Reading Feature from Your Internet Browser (PDF)

The PDF versions of all articles have been tagged for out-loud reading by the operating system of your computer.

To start and stop the screen reader from your Internet browser, use the following commands:

  • CTRL + Shift + v = read document out loud (Command + Shift + v on a Mac)

  • CTRL + Shift + e = stop reading (Command + Shift + e on a Mac)

To engage the automatic scrolling feature, use the following command:

  • CTR + Shift + h = the automatic scrolling feature moves through the pdf without using the scroll bar. The speed of the scroll is adjustable using the numeric key pad; pressing 0 gives you the slowest speed and 9 the fastest.


Using Adobe Acrobat Reader to Activate Out-Loud Reading

Download the pdf version of an article and save it on your computer and then open it using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader:

  • Click on the “View” menu item on the top menu bar.

  • Click “Read Out Loud” from the drop-down menu.

  • The automatic scroll feature is activated from the same View menu by choosing “Scroll Automatically”. The speed of the scroll is adjustable using the numeric key pad; pressing 0 gives you the slowest speed and 9 the fastest.

To change your preferences for reading speed, voice and pitch, click on the “Edit” feature in the top horizontal tool bar, choose “Preferences” from the drop down menu, and then “ Reading”.

For more information on reading tagged documents, open a document using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Choose the “Help” button for assistance or go to the Adobe website.

Printing Compendium Articles

Printing Compendium documents from your Internet Browser will give you a text-only version with all background color and navigation links removed.

For a print-friendly colour version of an individual article, open or download the PDF document.

Amalgamated Version of Articles Within a Topic

To print a PDF containing all the material within a procedural topic, go to the Site Map and scroll to the bottom of articles listed under that heading. A link will take you to an amalgamated PDF version.

Please note that some general articles contain links to subjects from other procedural topic areas. These detailed articles are not included in the composite PDF.

Need Help?

If you need more information or help with the Compendium materials or site, please contact:

Table Research Branch
Phone: 613-996-3611 or

October 2015