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Alphabetical Listing of Articlesfrom A to Z


Adjournment of the House of Commons [Parliamentary Cycle]

Adjournment Proceedings (Late Show) [Questions]

Addresses by Distinguished Visitors [Typical Sitting Day]

Amendments [Debate and Voting]

Amendments to Ways and Means Bills in Committee and at Report Stage [Financial Procedures]

Application of Parliamentary Privilege to Individual Members of the House of Commons [Parliamentary Privilege]

Application of Parliamentary Privilege to the House of Commons as a Whole [Parliamentary Privilege]

Assistant Deputy Speaker and Deputy Chair of Committees of the Whole and Assistant Deputy Speaker and Assistant Deputy Chair of Committees of the Whole [Speaker and Other Presiding Officers]

Associate Members of Committees [Committees]

Auditor General of Canada [Financial Procedures]



Bills [Parliamentary Publications]

Board of Internal Economy [Speaker and Other Presiding Officers]

Borrowing Authority [Financial Procedures]

Broadcasting and Webcasting of Committee Proceedings [Committees]

Budget Debate [Financial Procedures]

Budget Speech [Financial Procedures]

Business of Supply [Financial Procedures]

Business of Ways and Means [Financial Procedures]



Canadian Constitution [Parliamentary Framework]

Casting Vote of the Speaker [Speaker and Other Presiding Officers]

Clause-by-Clause Consideration of a Bill [Legislative Process]

Clerk and Other Staff in the Chamber [Speaker and Other Presiding Officers]

Closure and Time Allocation [Debate and Voting]

Coming into Force of Legislation [Legislative Process]

Committee Briefs and Other Papers [Committees]

Committee Budgets [Committees]

Committee Consideration of the Estimates [Committees]

Committee Documents [Parliamentary Publications]

Committee Meetings Outside the Parliamentary Precinct [Committees]

Committee Membership [Committees]

Committee Staff [Committees]

Committee Stage of a Bill [Legislative Process]

Committee Studies [Committees]

Committees [General Article]

Committees of the Whole [Committees]

Concurrence in a Committee Report [Committees]

Conferences Between the Commons and the Senate Regarding Amendments to Bills [Legislative Process]

Confidence Convention [Parliamentary Framework]

Constitution Act, 1867 [Parliamentary Procedure]

Convening a Committee Meeting [Committees]



Daily Order of Business [Typical Sitting Day]

Debatable and Non-debatable Motions [Debate and Voting]

Debate and Voting [General Article]

Debate on Items of Private Members’ Business [Private Members’ Business]

Debate on Standing Orders and Procedure [Typical Sitting Day]

Debates (Hansard) [Parliamentary Publications]

Deferred Votes [Debate and Voting]

Deputy Speaker [Speaker and Other Presiding Officers]

Designating an Allotted Day [Financial Procedures]

Dilatory Motions [Debate and Voting]

Dissolution of Parliament [Parliamentary Cycle]

Dollar Items [Financial Procedures]

Drafting of Bills [Legislative Process]



Election of Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs [Committees]

Election of the Speaker of the House [Speaker and Other Presiding Officers]

Emergency Debates [Typical Sitting Day]

Estimates Debates in Committee of the Whole [Typical Sitting Day]

Estimates Documents [Financial Procedure]

Exceptions to the Calendar of the House of Commons [Parliamentary Cycle]

Exchanges [Private Members’ Business]

Executive Branch of Government in Canada [Parliamentary Framework]



Financial Cycle [Financial Procedures]

Financial Limitations for Private Members’ Bills [Private Members’ Business]

Financial Procedures [General article]

Financial Statements [Financial Procedures]

First Reading of Senate Public Bills [Typical Sitting Day]

Form and Content of Petition-Guidelines [Typical Sitting Day]




Government Orders [Typical Sitting Day]

Government Replies to Oral Questions [Questions]

Government Replies to Written Questions [Questions]

Government Response to a Committee Report [Committees]

Government Responses to Petitions [Typical Sitting Day]

Governor Generalís Special Warrants [Financial Procedures]

Guidelines for Written Questions [Questions]



Hoist Amendments to Bills [Legislative Process]

House of Commons of Canada [Parliamentary Framework]

House Consideration of Senate Amendments to Bills [Legislative Process]



In Camera Committee Meetings [Committees]

Instructions to a Committee [Committees]

Interim Supply [Financial Procedures]

Interparliamentary Groups [Typical Sitting Day]

Introduction and First Reading of a Bill [Legislative Process]

Items Automatically Placed on the Order of Precedence [Private Members’ Business]



Journals [Parliamentary Publications]






Legislative Committees [Legislative Process]

Legislative Process [General Article]

Liaison Committee [Committees]

Limitations of Privilege [Parliamentary Privilege]

List for the Consideration of Private Members’ Business [Private Members’ Business]



Main Estimates [Financial Procedures]

Motions (Routine Proceedings) [Typical Sitting Day]

Motions [Private Members’ Business]




Notices of Motion [Debate and Voting]

Notices of Motion in Committee [Committees]

Notices of Motions for the Production of Papers [Private Members’ Business]



Opening of a Parliament or a Session [Parliamentary Cycle]

Opposed Items [Financial Procedures]

Opposition Motions [Financial Procedures]

Order of Precedence [Private Members’ Business]

Order Paper-Daily Routine of Business [Parliamentary Publications]

Order Paper-Government Orders [Parliamentary Publications]

Order Paper-Notices of Motions for the Production of Papers [Parliamentary Publications]

Order Paper-Order of Business [Parliamentary Publications]

Order Paper-Private Members’ Business [Parliamentary Publications]

Order Paper-Questions [Parliamentary Publications]

Order Paper and Notice Paper [Parliamentary Publications]

Order-in-Council Appointments [Committees]

Orders for Return [Questions]

Orders of Reference [Committees]

Organization Meetings [Committees]

Origins and Definitions of Parliamentary Privilege [Parliamentary Privilege]



Parliament of Canada Act [Parliamentary Procedure]

Parliamentary Associations [Typical Sitting Day]

Parliamentary Cycle [General Article]

Parliamentary Framework [General Article]

Parliamentary Practice [Parliamentary Procedure]

Parliamentary Privilege [General Article]

Parliamentary Procedure [General Article]

Parliamentary Publications [General Article]

Petitions [Typical Sitting Day]

Placing Written Questions on the Order Paper [Questions]

Points of Order [Debate and Voting]

Political Parties in Canada [Parliamentary Framework]

Power of Committees to Report to the House of Commons [Committees]

Powers of Committees [Committees]

Prayer [Typical Sitting Day]

Pre-Budget Consultations [Financial Procedures]

Preparation of a Bill by a Committee [Legislative Process]

Presentation of a Committee Report in the House of Commons [Committees]

Presenting Petitions [Typical Sitting Day]

Presenting Reports from Interparliamentary Delegations [Typical Sitting Day]

Previous Question [Debate and Voting]

Principles and Guidelines for Oral Questions [Questions]

Private Bills [Legislative Process]

Private Members’ Bills-Committee Stage of Bills [Private Members’ Business]

Private Members’ Bills-Notice, Introduction and First Reading [Private Members’ Business]

Private Members’ Bills-Report Stage and Third Reading of Bills [Private Members’ Business]

Private Members’ Bills [Legislative Process]

Private Membersí Business [General Article]

Procedural Authorities [Parliamentary Procedure]

Procedure in Matters of Privilege [Parliamentary Privilege]

Projected Order of Business [Parliamentary Publications]

Prorogation of Parliament [Parliamentary Cycle]

Provisional, Sessional and Special Orders [Parliamentary Procedure]

Public Accounts of Canada [Financial Procedures]



Question Period [Questions]

Questions [General Article]

Questions Not Responded to Within 45 Days [Questions]

Quorum [Typical Sitting Day]

Quorum in Committees [Committees]



Reasoned Amendments to Bills [Legislative Process]

Recall of the House of Commons [Parliamentary Cycle]

Recommended Forms of Petitions [Typical Sitting Day]

Recommittal of a Bill to Committee at Third Reading [Legislative Process]

Recorded Votes [Debate and Voting]

Referral of a Bill to Committee Before Second Reading [Legislative Process]

Referral of the Subject Matter of a Bill to Committee [Legislative Process]

Report Stage of a Bill [Legislative Process]

Report Stage Rulings [Legislative Process]

Reports of the Auditor General [Financial Procedures]

Responsible Government and Ministerial Accountability [Parliamentary Framework]

Review of Delegated Legislation [Typical Sitting Day]

Role of Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs [Committees]

Role of Opposition Parties in Canada [Parliamentary Framework]

Role of the Crown and the Governor General [Parliamentary Framework]

Routine Motions in Committee [Committees]

Routine Proceedings [Typical Sitting Day]

Royal Assent to a Bill [Legislative Process]

Royal Recommendation for a Bill [Financial Procedures]

Rules of Admissibility for Amendments to Bills at Committee and Report Stages [Legislative Process]

Rules of Debate [Debate and Voting]

Rules of Decorum [Debate and Voting]



Scheduling of Debate [Private Members’ Business]

Second Reading and Referral of a Bill to a Committee [Legislative Process]

Senate of Canada [Parliamentary Framework]

Senate Public Bills [Private Members’ Business]

Speaker-Administrative Role [Speaker and Other Presiding Officers]

Speaker-Procedural Role [Speaker and Other Presiding Officers]

Speaker-Representative Role [Speaker and Other Presiding Officers]

Speaker and Other Presiding Officers [General Article]

Speakerís Parade [Typical Sitting Day]

Speakerís Rulings [Speaker and Other Presiding Officers]

Special and Special Joint Committees [Committees]

Speech from the Throne [Parliamentary Cycle]

Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates [Financial Procedures]

Standing Committee on Public Accounts [Financial Procedures]

Standing Committees [Committees]

Standing Joint Committees [Committees]

Standing Orders of the House of Commons [Parliamentary Procedure]

Statements by Members [Typical Sitting Day]

Statements by Ministers [Typical Sitting Day]

Status of House Business [Parliamentary Publications]

Statutory Debates [Typical Sitting Day]

Structure of Bills [Legislative Process]

Subcommittees [Committees]

Subject Matter Studies [Committees]

Substitutions of Committee Members [Committees]

Summoning a Parliament [Parliamentary Cycle]

Supplementary and Dissenting Opinions to Committee Reports [Committees]

Supplementary Estimates [Financial Procedures]

Supplementary Questions [Questions]

Supply Bills [Financial Procedures]

Supply Periods [Financial Procedures]

Suspension of Certain Standing Orders-Special Debate [Typical Sitting Day]

Swearing-in of Members of the House of Commons [Parliamentary Cycle]



Tabling of Documents [Typical Sitting Day]

Take-note Debates [Typical Sitting Day]

Terminology at a Glance [Parliamentary Cycle]

Testimony Before a Committee and Parliamentary Privilege [Committees]

Third Reading and Adoption of Bills [Legislative Process]

Time Limits on Debate [Debate and Voting]

Time Limits on Debates on Items of Private Members’ Business [Private Members’ Business]

Types of Bills [Legislative Process]

Types of Motions [Debate and Voting]

Typical Sitting Day [General Article]



Unanimous Consent [Debate and Voting]



Voice Votes [Debate and Voting]

Votable and Non-votable Items of Private Members’ Business [Private Members’ Business]

Votes in the Estimates [Financial Procedures]

Votes on Items of Private Members’ Business [Private Members’ Business]




Ways and Means Motions [Financial Procedures]

Weekly Schedule of the House of Commons [Parliamentary Cycle]

Witnesses Appearing Before a Committee [Committees]












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